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Life is changing rapidly, and health concerns and stressors are on the rise. In addition, access to quality healthcare has become more challenging.

Health insurance policies from ASTTRAL asses the individual’s needs, state of health and lifestyle, to offer comprehensive, tailored packages. Health insurance can be customized based on the level of care required, and provide cover both locally and internationally.

Family health insurance packages are also available.


Life is precious. Planning for it, as well as for the security of loved ones, has never been this important. Life insurance ensures that families and loved ones are well taken care of, should the unexpected occur.

Life insurance policies from ASTTRAL are comprehensive, and take into consideration the lifestyle that an individual seeks to maintain. The two main offerings are protection policies, in the event of an unexpected occurrence, and investment policies (whole life), which facilitate the growth of capital, as the insured ages.

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Offering guidance & cover to our corporate clients in the middle east.

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Our individual clients come from varying circumstances & classic lifestyles.