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Assets such as buildings, home and cars should be insured from various risks that can affect the owner, or third-parties. ASTTRAL offers corporate and individual clients, comprehensive cover to safeguard properties, vehicles and any impact on third-parties.

Personal and business properties are exposed to many hazards, some that can be provisioned for. Fire, theft and acts of terrorism are prevalent dangers. In addition, damages related to weather conditions, such as earthquakes, lighting and floods can result in astounding setbacks.

ASTTRAL’s team visits the property and conducts studies, taking into consideration numerous factors related to the surrounding areas, safety standards and the likelihood of dangerous occurrences. Property insurance covers properties and their respective owners, from damages that may result.


Drivers are liable every time they get behind the wheel. The liability extends to third-parties as well. In the event of an accident, damages to the individual’s vehicle, third-party vehicles, pedestrians and private and public property, may occur.

Motor insurance from ASTTRAL can provide full cover, for material and health damages caused by accidents. ASTTRAL can also extend mandatory insurance, required by governments.

More on Casualty Insurance

Casualty insurance covers the loss of damage to property and vehicles, as well as any damage to third-parties involved in an accident.

To learn more, get in touch with ASTTRAL’s expert team, to ensure you are covered.

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