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Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance protects the biggest assets of companies, their trade receivables. It covers suppliers (the manufacturers, trading companies and providers of services) against the risks of non-payment of their account receivables with local and foreign buyers (Customers).

Trade credit insurance helps in protecting businesses, enabling them to expand their reach, driving profitable growth and helps in managing risks and avoid losses.

Credit insurance for SMEs

More tailored solutions are available for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), through ASTTRAL’s partner, the Lebanese Credit Insurer (LCI). LCI offers TAJER, an innovative, simple and efficient credit insurance policy for SMEs operating across the MENA region, providing cover for their trade receivables.

Using ASTTRAL’s partner, LCI’s expertise and expansive market intelligence, over 16,000 companies are actively monitored, focusing on their payment behaviors, to SMEs in growing their businesses and ensuring they get paid for the goods and services they supply.

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